Nokota Young Horse Handling Clinic

nokota horse jarrett

This spring, two of our boys – Cody and Jarrett – had the opportunity to attend the Nokota Young Horse Handling Clinic. This clinic, led by our friend Jack Lieser, helps clients have a better understanding of why horses respond the way they do. At the four day event, the boys gained a more in-depth view into how to take an unhandled horse and get it to respond positively to commands. “It was really cool to have Cody and Jarrett there,” says Jack. “The first morning, Cody was bubbling over with enthusiasm. It was great to see the progress that they made.”

Nokota horses are known for their athleticism, beauty, and intelligence, as well as their distinct ability to connect with people. Over the course of four days, the boys bonded with their horses and worked to gain their trust. This happens with everyone who attends the clinic, but is unique for Cody and Jarrett because of their backgrounds. The boys at Miracle Farm come from hard situations in life and often have a difficult time bonding with others and learning to trust. Getting to work with horses helps the boys heal and learn healthy ways of attachment.

“It was special for the boys, but it was also special for the other participants to have a chance to interact with Cody and Jarrett and see them grow,” says Jack. Thanks to the generosity of theNakota Horse Conservatory & three generous clinic participants, the boys were able to take home both of the Nokota horses they worked with during the clinic!

jarrett horse

Want to see more from the event? Visit the video online!