Residential Care and Guidance

Centered in our Christian faith, Miracle Farm offers teenage boys and their families the chance of a lifetime to experience healing, to earn an education and to learn respect in a residential ranch setting. Our young men live in homes staffed by a married, Christian couple that have been trained in the Trust-Based Relational Intervention ® model (TBRI®), developed by the TCU Institute for Child Development. The model assists our staff in aiding families to heal from past traumas and to positively change their family’s interactions.

Through the ministries unique blend of programs, the boys also learn self-confidence, self-discipline, responsibility and healthy relationship skills. Bible studies, morning devotionals and weekly church involvement foster spiritual growth. Length of stay varies according to the expressed needs of each family, but averages 18 months.

Individual and Family Restoration

We believe that God created people to be in relationship and our healthy relationships are the key to a successful and fulfilling life. At Miracle Farm, every aspect of our program is designed to teach, strengthen and foster healthy relationships. Formal individual and family counseling is provided by licensed mental health professionals to teach, to model and to cement these skills in our boys. Family enrichment weekends are utilized to teach families the TBRI ® model and help instill new skills to improve how they relate to one another. Home visits afford our families the opportunity to practice their skills and our staff to support them as they work to better their family.

Education and Vocation Training

Through our partnership with Premier High School, Miracle Farm offers each young man the opportunity to take ownership of their education. Staffed with highly qualified teachers, our students are able to earn their Texas high school diploma, as well as, college credits through Blinn College.

Each weekday morning is spent in the classroom mastering the necessary skills to successfully graduate from high school. Each afternoon is spent in learning labs developing practical job skills such as: welding, construction science, farm and ranch maintenance and horsemanship.

Horse Program

From their first day at Miracle Farm, each young man learns how to develop a healthy relationship with their horse. Caregiving tasks such as: grooming, cleaning stalls and feeding build the foundations of trust. Team roping teaches cooperation, teamwork and instills a new sense of accomplishment and success.

As trust is built, the young man learns to work in tandem with their horse on the ground and on its back. This bond aids Miracle Farm staff in helping each young man apply those skills to their everyday life and to their relationships with their family, teachers, peers and others.

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