Miracle Farm Application

Families of teenage boys are referred to Miracle Farm in a variety of ways, including by family members, friends, churches or school counselors. Please click or tap the button below to access the Miracle Farm Application.

Miracle Farm Application

Admissions Process

1. Initial Contact
The parent or guardian of a prospective resident can call Miracle Farm and speak with the Farm's licensed social worker. The social worker may then send an application to get a clearer understanding of the situation.

2. Submission of an Application
Once the application has been submitted, our licensed social worker will make contact with the family. If it is determined that Miracle Farm could be a good fit, a list of required supporting documents will be sent to the family. Documents may include school records, psychological or psychiatric evaluation, and a copy of any court order regarding custody. Upon receipt of the supporting documents, the admissions team will arrange for an assessment interview. You can find the application at the top of this page.

3. Assessment Interview
An assessment interview, held at Miracle Farm, will include the admissions team, prospective resident and all guardians. Afterward, the team will determine whether Miracle Farm can provide services to meet the needs of all parties. Next, a pre-placement meeting will be scheduled if placement is deemed appropriate. If it is determined that placement at Miracle Farm is not appropriate, family, parents or guardians may be referred to another program or resource for appropriate services.

4. Pre-Placement Meeting
The prospective resident and his family will have dinner with the house parents and residents of the cottage. During dinner, the family is encouraged to ask any questions about life at Miracle Farm, which will aid in adjustment to the program. The admissions team and the family will make preparations for placement.

If you have any questions, please contact Miracle Farm at (979) 836-0901