Miracle Farm FAQs

Miracle Farm is a residential boys' ranch program that serves teenage boys experiencing crisis with family relationships, behavior and social skills, and educational success.

Miracle Farm is located on a 325-acre working ranch, 10 miles NE of Brenham, Texas. The physical address is 10802 FM 2621, Brenham, Texas 77833.

The average length of stay is a little over a year, but each boy's length of stay is determined through the accomplishment of goals set in an individualized plan of service. This plan is agreed upon by the boy, his parents and Miracle Farm staff when he is admitted to residency and is reviewed every six months.

Miracle Farm serves teenage boys from ages 13 to 17. 

Boys are referred to Miracle Farm in a variety of ways, including by their home churches, schools, counselors, friends, and family members. Although a judge or law enforcement officer may suggest Miracle Farm as an option for help to a boy's parents, the boys in residence are not typically assigned to Miracle Farm through the court system.

Yes. Custodial parents or guardians submit an application on behalf of their sons. After an initial interview, a boy must agree to admission and participation in the program.

No. Miracle Farm is licensed by the State of Texas as a basic, residential childcare facility. It is not staffed or equipped to provide therapeutic services to young men with high levels of emotional disturbance or physical disability.

Yes, fully licensed counselors are available for individual counseling sessions for boys in residence.

No. Miracle Farm provides basic, residential childcare to moderate-need teenage boys who come to the program. Boys with significant substance abuse problems must successfully complete a substance abuse program prior to admission at Miracle Farm.

The cottages are designed as comfortable, family-style residences with two boys sharing a bedroom. Each cottage serves six to eight boys and is staffed full-time with a married house parent couple who offer guidance for the boys in their care.

Yes. Miracle Farm is a working ranch program. Boys must participate in all activities, including a horse program, farm and ranch maintenance, and school. There are also recreational activities on campus, including an outdoor basketball/sport court, a baseball field, and several fishing ponds. Vocational opportunities are also available.

Miracle Farm has an on-campus, accredited public charter school program staffed with certified teachers. The boys attend classes year-round each weekday morning in a multi-classroom school equipped with computers, a science lab, and a library. They receive public school transcripts and can receive a Texas high school diploma if they successfully complete their requirements while in residence.

Yes. Quarterly family weekends at Miracle Farm are an important part of the program. Family members arrive early Friday evening for activities, and spend the night in the Miracle Farm's Retreat Center bunkhouses. Activities continue through Saturday. The boys' parents are strongly encouraged to participate, and other family members are welcome to participate as well. 

Yes. Home visits are an important component of the program. They give the young men opportunities to practice the new skills they are learning and establish new patterns of interaction.

No one is turned away from service based on the ability to pay. There is a nominal, sliding scale fee based upon a family’s gross household income and the number of members in the family.

Yes. Miracle Farm is a Christ-centered program with spiritual development as a primary focal point. The boys attend local Baptist churches with their house parents and participate in select youth activities. They also take part in daily devotionals with other Miracle Farm boys and staff. 

No. Although Miracle Farm is a Baptist-affiliated agency, it does not discriminate based on religious preference.

The process begins by submitting an application for admission, after which a social worker will contact the family to arrange for an interview.